Maha Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony)

Dear Devotees

Sri Siva Durga Temple located at No 8, Potong Pasir Ave 2 has completed its 12 year cycle of redevelopment and refurbishment works. The Maha Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony) of the Temple and its Deities will be held on Sunday, 4 December 2016 between the most auspicious time of 8.50am and 9.50am. Devotees are cordially invited to witness the various preceding ceremonies, Poojas and also the Maha Kumbabishegam and be showered with the Divine Blessings of Lord Siva and Goddess Sri Durga on this auspicious and memorable occasion. The programme details of the various religious ceremonies being performed in conjunction with the Maha Kumbabishegam are as follows:

Yenthra Pooja
10 October 2016 (Monday) to 25 November 2016 (Friday)
8.30am to 11.00am, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

The Yenthra Japam and Pooja commence on Monday, 10 October 2016. Two sessions will be held daily: once in the morning from 8.30am to 11.00am and the other in the evening from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Forty-eight days of intense prayers will be held to spiritually charge the Yenthrams (square gold sheets). These Yenthrams will be placed in the granite pedestals before the deities are mounted on them.

Yenthra Pooja Concluding Prayers
26 November 2016 (Saturday)
8.30am to 11.00am

The Yenthra Japam and Pooja will conclude on Saturday, 26 November 2016, between 8.30am to 11.00am.

Yaagasalai Pooja
01 December 2016 (Thursday) to 03 December 2016 (Saturday)

The Yaagasalai Pooja following the placing of the Prathaana (Main) Kumbams at the Yaagasalai will commence on the evening of Thursday, 1 December 2016. Arrangements have been made for devotees to take part in the Yaagasalai Sangalpam and Pooja from Friday, 2 December 2016 to Saturday, 3 December 2016. The first Yaagasalai session will commence at 6.00pm on Thursday, 1 December 2016 and the concluding session will be at 6.00pm on Saturday, 3 December 2016. A total of Six Yaagasalai sessions will be performed.

02 December 2016 (Friday)
7.00am to 7.00pm
Yenthrasthaapanam is the placing of the specially blessed square gold sheets in the sanctum pedestals following 48 days of intensive Chanting of Japam (religious scriptures) and prayers. Upon completion of the Yenthrasthaapanam, devotees can place specially prepared Navarathinam sets (set of nine precious stones) in the Pheedams (pedestals) of the deities. Each set of Navarathinam will be sold at $25.00. If they prefer, devotees could also offer any other items that is made from gold or silver for placing in the Pheedams.Devotees are requested to place their orders well in advance with the Temple Administrator so that the required stocks of Navarathinam sets are available without any inconvenience to the devotees. The placing of the Navarathinams will take place from 7.00am till 7.00pm on 2nd December 2016. We kindly request all participating devotees to be punctual.

Anointment Ceremony (Ennai Saatruthal)
03 December 2016 (Saturday)
7.00am to 6.00pm

Anointment Ceremony or Ennai Saatruthal (placing of gingerly oil) is a rare opportunity accorded to all devotees during the Maha Kumbabishegam period. This event will take place on 3 December 2016, Saturday from 7.00am to 6.00pm. Devotees are requested to strictly observe the scheduled timing as there are several other ceremonies to be performed after the Anointment Ceremony is completed at 6.00pm.

Sri Durga Lakshmi Pooja
03 December 2016 (Saturday)
7.00pm to 8.30pm

Sri Lakshmi Pooja is performed to bestow wealth on devotees and the country. It will be conducted between 7.00pm and 8.30pm on Saturday, 3 December 2016. The participating fee for the Special Lakshmi Pooja is $101.00.

Thirukalyana Seervarisai
04 December 2016 (Sunday)
7.00pm to 8.00pm – $21.00

On the evening of the Maha Kumbabishegam, a special Thirukalyanam will be performed for Sri Sundaravalli Sametha Sri Somanathar Swamy. Devotees can take part in the Thirukalyana Seervarisai and the participating fee is $21.00. The Temple will provide all items required for the Seervarisai.

05 December 2016 (Monday) to
21 January 2017 (Saturday)
4.00pm to 7.30pm

Following the Maha Kumbabishegam, forty-eight (48) days of Mandalabishegam Prayers will commence on Monday, 5 December 2016. Special Abishegams and Poojas will be conducted from 4.00pm to 7.30pm daily.

Conclusion of Mandalabishegam
21 January 2017 (Saturday)
8.00am to 12.00noon

The Mandalabishegam Poojas will conclude on Saturday, 21 January 2017 with the 1008 Sangabishegam in the morning for Lord Siva and special Abishegam for all other Deities.

Silver Chariot Procession
21 January 2017 (Saturday)
7.00pm to 10.00pm
A Silver Chariot Procession of Sri Sundaravalli Sametha Sri Somanathar Swamy will be held on the evening of Saturday, 21 January 2017 which is also the conclusion of the Mandalabishegam. Devotees can offer their prayers at the following designated chariot stop points:

a) Stop Point 1 – Blk 254 Serangoon Central Drive
b) Stop Point 2 – Blk 469 Car Park – Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Street 44
(Opp Chong Boon Secondary School)
c) Stop Point 3 – Blk 2 St George’s Road

Participation by devotees for the above rituals can be booked at the admin counter during the Temple operation hours only.

For more information and details on all the above mentioned Poojas, please contact the Temple Administrators, Mr Azhagu / Mr Arjun / Madam Deisy at hotline 6284 1898 or email:


* Viewing Points
Part of Potong Pasir Ave 2 and Part of Potong Pasir Ave 3 (Meyappa Chettiar Road Junction)will be closed to traffic as viewing area for Devotees. Entrances to the viewing area are located at both ends of Potong Pasir Ave 2 as shown in the Location Plan at the last page of this booklet. All devotees are kindly requested to arrive by 7.00am and follow the directions given by our Officials on the ground.

* Access into the Temple
Devotees will be allowed to enter the Temple through the Rajagopuram entrance to receive blessings after the Maha Kumbabishegam and Deeparathanai.

* Annathaanam – Serving of Food
Annathanam will be served at the open land beside the Yaagasalai (next to Potong Pasir CC) after the Maha Kumbabisehgam. Please follow the Directional Signs to reach the location.

* Road Closure
The following roads will be closed to vehicles for the Maha Kumbabishegam. There will be no access to vehicles from 3.00am to 5.00pm on 04 December 2016
a) Part of Potong Avenue 2 – From Car Park No. PP2 till junction of Meyappa Chettiar Road and Potong Pasir Avenue 2.
b) Part of Potong Pasir Avenue 3 – From EXIT of Car Park No. PP9T till junction of Meyappa Chettiar Road and Potong Pasir Avenue 2.

* Re-Routing of Traffic
All vehicles heading towards Potong Pasir Ave 2 will be diverted accordingly.

* Car Parks
Nearest public car parking facilities are at the following locations
* Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Services Centre public car park at Bendemeer Road.
* NEX Shopping Mall at Serangoon Central (next to Serangoon MRT Station which connects directly to Potong Pasir MRT Station via NEL)
* HDB blocks along Bendemeer Road
* HDB Blocks in the vicinity of Serangoon Central (next to Serangoon MRT Station which connects directly to Potong Pasir MRT Station via NEL)

However, parking lots are subject to availability and hence devotees are strongly advised to use the public transport.

The nearest MRT Stations are;
a) Potong Pasir MRT Station

* Bus Services
The following buses stop at Potong Pasir MRT Station which is a 10 minute walk to the Temple vicinity
SBS 13
SBS 107
SBS 133
SBS 142
SBS 147
SMRT 853

* Commemorative Publication
A Commemorative Publication for the Maha Kumbabishegam will be available at $5.00 per copy.