Help for Needy Families

The Needy Families Support Program at the SivaDurga Temple began in Year 1998. Through this program, the Temple reaches out to low income families in order to help them defray the cost of household expenses by providing essential food supplies on a monthly basis for free.
At present, the Temple supports around 30 to 40 local families each month regardless of race, language or religion. Families may apply for the assistance by submitting the Assistance Request Form to the Temple’s Honorary Secretary. This form can be requested by sending an email to or directly obtain from our Temple Admin officers at the Temple itself. All applications are assessed by the Temple Management Committee. Some of these families who apply for food provisions are at times recommended by the Committee to also apply for the Children Bursary Award offered by the Temple.

The SivaDurgaTemple also encourages Devotees to come forward and recommend families they may know who may benefit from this Program.

For devotees who wish to contribute food items required for this program, please contact the Temple Secretariat via email address or contact the admin office at Tel 6284 1898. Our officers will be happy to share the list of groceries and quantities needed on an ongoing basis.

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